Welcome to TLE Online Services...     This web site allows for application access and serviceability to our clients.
We are an Adjunct Online Services web site. What that means is that we provide the web space and support for the online applications we design and our clients use.

Our primary service is generating the applications that our clients will use. We then load these applications, create the databases and files to support them, manage the applications insofar as correcting problems and/or providing additional access capabilities.

We still do other services including web site design and support. Our service is professional and our fees are quite reasonable.

    We are keeping this web site as simple and as uncluttered as possible. Our main goal is to give our clients access to their applications.

We do this one of two ways. First, the clients can access their applications directly from this web site from the Clients, Links and Log On Pages. Second, we set up "off site" links that are secured by User ID and Passwords for Direct Access to the applications the clients use.

Beyond that explanation, we are not going into a lot of detail here. For more information on our products and services, please click the appropriate page links.


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