I have been doing computer services since 1975, when a PC was just a pipe-dream. I worked on Mainframe platforms including Burroughs, Unisys and IBM. We used Punch Cards for all Input and got continuous form paper printouts as Output. Sometimes the computer even punched new cards for us.

With the advent of the PC and the Mac, the whole world of computers was turned upside-down. With the advances in the Internet and the World-Wide-Web, came the need for greater communications  and online applications.

That is where we, as a company, excel. You can see some of our examples on our
Products Page. Yes, we design web sites, but our web sites actually Do Something! We also provide a "hub" for our clients to access their applications we also designed!

I am proud of what we have and are doing and I welcome you to this web site to see some of our accomplishments.

Paul, Owner/Partner
  My name is Paul and I am one half of a Partnership called Tender Loving Enterprises. I am the Managing Partner for our Computer Services Division we call TLE Online. You might have noticed that this web site has the same name.

I have been running a Computer Services Company since 1985, when it was called Tender Loving Computer. A catchy name at best. This evolved into the present Partnership name, after I teamed up with my dear wife Debby.